• Prof.dr. J.T. (Jack) Pronk
  • J.J. (Sef) Heijnen
  • A.J.A. (Ton) van Maris
  • Dr. A.P. (Alexander) Gultyaev
  • M.Eng. F. (Filippo) Menolascina



As a bioinformatics student I have experience with:

  • Computational biology
  • Writing software
  • All the computer nerd stuff: wiki, registration of standard biological parts, ...
  • Mathematical modeling - not a core competence, but I have some experience with it.
  • Searching for information in online biological databases (e.g. searching for genes, searching for metabolic pathways with certain functions)


My experience in working with cells will be the main contribution probably during this project. I've some knowledge of bioinformatics (BLAST etc. and molecular imaging software). I think that the following competences could be handy within our project

  • General Lab experience
  • Knowledge on molecular biology
  • Well trained pipetting thumb :-)
  • A little bit of bioinformatics, but that's probably best left to Bastiaan.


My contributions and competences are comparable to Oscar's. General lab practice experience from practicals and two interns and some experience in bioinformatics from several courses. My competences:

  • General lab experience in molecular biology
  • Experience in team-work from projects and interns
  • Know-how in the field of molecular biology
  • Also my thumb is up to the task of pipetting
  • Some knowledge on bioinformatics


I have general experience in the laboratory practises, but my contributions to the project will hopefully also be in the fields of ethics in biotechnology. The personal competences that might prove useful in our iGEM project:

  • General lab experiences
  • Team project experiences
  • Ethics in industrial biotechnology
  • One strong thumb that may prove to be useful for a number of tasks...


  • Softwares: MATLAB, Mechanical Softwares if needed
  • Bioinspired Computing (Genetic Algorithms,...) , Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic


  • Modeling with MATLAB
  • Numerical modeling and methods