Contact Info

Ruud Jorna
  • Ruud Jorna
  • TU Delft
  • The Netherlands

I'm a student Life Science & Technology at the Technical University of Delft and Leiden University. As a member of the iGEM team of TU Delft I look forward to working on the lab, editing wikis and of course attending the jamboree!


  • I will be starting a PhD at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam from November 2008 on.
  • November 2008, MSc, University of Leiden (I'm in the final stages of my MSc)
  • 2006, BSc, University of Leiden and TU Delft

Research interests

  1. General Cell Biology
  2. Stem Cell Biology
  3. Transcription Factors involved in Erythropoiesis (will be the topic of my PhD)