Team:Paris/July 23


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Glycerol Stocks

  • 1mL of each culture (with 2 clones) has been added to 1mL of 40% glycerol.
  • For each clone, two glycerol stocks have been done.
  • Stored at -20°C.


  • The protocol of MiniPrep of Promega has been done on all the clones cultivated on the 22th.
Name Plasmid Description
MP100 B0034 Srtongest RBS (affinity=1)
MP101 J23101 Stongest constitutive promoter
MP102 J23109 Weak constitutive promoter
MP103 R0079 plas
MP104 R0040 pTet
MP105 S03154 RBS-lasI
MP106 S03879 RBS-TetR
MP107 C0079 LasR LVAtag
MP108 C0179 LasR
MP109 E0030 YFP
MP110 E0040 GFP
MP111 E1010 RFP
MP112 OmpR M57I
MP113 EnvZ I281S
MP114 C0040 Tetracyclin repressor
MP115 pSB1A3 High copy number plasmid
MP122 E0840 GFP tripart


  • 2007 strains have been taken and put in 6mL of LB with the adequat antibiotic.
Name Biobricks Description
S4 J23100 strong constitutive promoter
S5 B0015 double terminator
S7 B0030 strong RBS : 0,6
S8 E0422 ECFP tripart
S13 I0500 pBAD
S14 J23107 Medium constitutive promoter