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Cloning of EnvZ*

Transformation results of L165 (EnvZ*-pSB1A2) from August 29th

sample number of colonies
positive control pUC19 many colonies
transformation negative control 0
ligation without insert 0
3:1 insert:vector ratio 5
4:1 insert / vector ratio 5

Construction of rbs-FlhDC-mRFP-LVA-tripart (L172)

Aim : Construction of "pFlhB-RBS-mRFP-dbl ter" (pFlhB-I732078) Part icon regulatory.pngPart icon rbs.pngIcon reporter.pngPart icon terminator.pngPart icon terminator.png
==> it appears a mistake of name digestion, it explains the realisation of a construction not wanted


Measurement of the concentration of D187 purified

Protocol (it's same that for Miniprep)

Digestion Name Concentration (µg/mL) Ratio 260/280
D187 16 1.31
D186 24 1.25



Ligation Name Vector Name Volume Vector (µL) Insert Volume Insert (µL)
L168 D187 2.5 D186 1
Control L168 D166 2.5 -